Here you can find some of the open-source projects that I’m working on. If you any questions, mail to


Craftr is a software build system that uses Python and Ninja. It encourages modular build definitions and is not limited to a single language domain. The standard library supports building, among others, C, C++, C#, Cython and Java projects. is a runtime built on-top of existing CPython that provides a different way of loading Python modules, using a require() function, similar to the way Node.js does. This has a lot of advantages, such as the ability to more easily determine where a module is loaded from, and not being limited to a specific project structure. Standard Python imports are still supported and encouraged for existing standard Python modules via the the PPYM package manager, which not only supports installing packages from but also via Pip.


C4DDev is a tool and resource for Cinema 4D plugin developers. It provides several useful command-line tools, such splitting a “Resource Package” (a single file containing symbols and translation strings) into the Cinema 4D description resource format, generating templates for and creating distributable archives of Python plugins.

It also provides a tool to generate a template for a Python plugin that embeds the full module and its dependencies to be able to make use of the runtime inside a Cinema 4D plugin.


Myo-Python is a ctypes based Python library for the Thalmic Myo SDK that allows you to control and receive data from the Myo armband. I created a blog entry about how to use the library here.

Open-source Cinema 4D Plugins

My GitHub account contains a bunch of Cinema 4D C++ and Python plugins that are open source and free to use. You can also find most of them on, where it brings you to either a dedicated download page or the GitHub repository.

Git Extensions

I’m a big fan of Git and created a few extensions that enhance my workflow.

XCode CLTools Installer

A Python script to unpack XCode CLTools images to a target directory. This allows you to use the command-line tools of (very) old XCode versions. I need this to compile Cinema 4D plugins for versions like R15 and older, as they do not compile with newer versions of XCode.

Synergizes well with Craftr and Travis CI.


Nocrux is a per-user daemon process manager that is painless to use. I use it for all custom web services installed on my Server such as Gogs, flux and


Flux is a simple private & lightweight CI server.