Houdini Import CSV Node

As a follow up to my Entagma Tutorial: Importing Satellite Data into Houdini, I wanted to build something more generic to import tabular data into Houdini.

There is already a “Table Import” node in Houdini, and it has a number of useful features, such as

  • Automatic detection of dialect (separator) and header
  • Importing directly into Houdini’s P and Pw attributes
  • Translating Lat/Lon and Datetime data upon import

However, it lacks a few other very important features. And while everything else this node can do for you is very nice, I personally prefer accessiblity over ease of use.

  • Automatic dialect and header detection is not always reliable
  • Can not import multipart CSV tables, nor compressed CSV files
  • No way to filter the data on import
  • Can only import into points, not into primitives

So, I built my own.

NR Import CSV

While this node does miss a few of the aforementioned features of Houdini’s “Table Import” node, it does give you a lot more control over the import process.

By the way, it’s also orders of magnitude faster than Houdini’s node.


  • Import a single or multiple files at once
  • Import from .gz compressed files
  • Supports various dialects (common 4 delimiters and 3 quote characters)
  • Import into points or primitives
  • Filter rows with a Python expression

Where to get it?

There is a download link at the bottom of this page.

Note that this node is also in my houdini-library GitHub repository! It is possible that at some point there will be a newer version of the node in this repository.

You should also check out the NR Import CSV Documentation for more information on how to use the node.

Download: NR Import CSV v2 (nr_import_csv.hdalc, 20.6kB)

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