Hello from Hugo

Starting today, I will continue blogging using Hugo static site generator instead of Wordpress as a blogging platform. I have copied two old blog entries, which I deem relatively interesting, over to this new blog:

Starting with this new blog format, I hope to bring more frequent blog posts about Python development, Cinema 4D and Houdini!

The old blog is still reachable under old.niklasrosenstein.com and I have added some redirects for commonly used old URLs so that they will not break in the near future. At least all URLs of blog posts will stay valid and some pages to plugins.

From now on, Cinema 4D plugins and other downloadable and purchasable content will be available via dlc.niklasrosenstein.com, which contains free and non-free content in a unified view.

In case you are interested, below is the respective section in the NGinx configuration that controls the redirects to the old Wordpress blog.

# Match commonly used URLs from the old Wordpress blog and
# redirect to the old or replacement content.
location ~^/(201\d/\d\d/.*)$ {
  return 301 https://old.niklasrosenstein.com$request_uri;
location ~^/(autoconnect|container-object|xpresso-alignment-tools)/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com/portfolio$request_uri;
location ~/quickdocs-2/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com/portfolio/quickdocs/;
location ~/devtools/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com/portfolio/c4ddev/;
location ~/remotecoderunner/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com/portfolio/sublime-script/;
location ~/product/(safeframe|timehide)/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com/portfolio/$1/;
location ~/shop/? {
  return 301 https://dlc.niklasrosenstein.com;
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