AixSponza (Mar 2017 –)

Building custom solutions for AixSponza’s high level requirements in Cinema 4D, Houdini and Nuke on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Maxon Computer GmbH (Aug 2014 – Jul 2014)

My duties have been taking care of the PluginCafe SDK support forums and later included working on the Allegorithmic Substance integration.

VizRT (Jan 2014)

Initially, I developed a one-click solution to export a Cinema 4D scene as FBX and directly import it into Viz Artist. Then I visited VizRT in Schwaz, Austria as a consultant on behalf of Maxon Computer GmbH and actively worked on the Viz Arist Cinema 4D Interation using the Cinema 4D Melange SDK.

Later, I also developed a VizRT Live Link Python plugin that allows to forward synchronize object translation, scale and rotation between Cinema 4D and Viz Artist.

VrayForC4D (May 2014 – Jun 2017)

I’ve been working for LAUBlab on VRayForC4D on a low-frequency basis for three years, implementing features such as VrMesh Export, Team Render, Material Presets,a user experience overhaul.

hantmade Stage

I continously contribute components and C++ optimized routines to the hantmade Stage Cinema 4D plugin. Components I worked on include

  • Stage Cue Track (effect animation control)
  • Stage Storage (local and online preset browser)
  • various 2D shaders
  • licensing

aeScripts Paint&Stick

The Paint&Stick Cinema 4D plugin from aeScripts exports separate render passes that are required when you want to use the Paint&Stick After Effects plugin with a Cinema 4D rendered scene.


A front- and backend solution for render farms using the SquidNet Render Manager, developed for Germany based render farm Render4You.

Laubwerk JIRA Issue Tracker

Developed for Laubwerk. They use this Cinema 4D plugin internally to manage new and existing problems with their Laubwerk Cinema 4D plugin.

Bark&Bite Batch Maker

This plugin was developed to create various texture combinations of multiple animated shots of soccer players. The client was able to complete all ~600 shots within the deadline, which would’ve taken an immense amount of time to create manually.